Presentation of the SFEV task force on management packages valuation

Although management packages financial instruments valuation (preferred stock, share purchase warrant, etc.) is necessary, complex and with high issues at stake, there is no precise documentation to date in France as to how to value them.

In this context, a task force was assembled at the French Association for Professional Appraisers (SFEV) in order to confront and discuss the usage in this area of expertise. C. Karsenti and T. Hachette were part of this task force, as well as other valuation professionals, a financial consultant from the tax administration (DVNI) and a lawyer / University Professor. The results of these discussions are presented in a report detailing:

  • the classification of management packages;
  • the commonly-used valuation approaches and methodologies recommended by the task force;
  • the various parameters impacting the valuation.

Claire Karsenti co-hosted with H. Philippe from Accuracy the presentation of these best practices to all SFEV members on 22 September 2020.