Damage to a brand’s image surfaces once the image is deteriorated through negative communication related to corporate lawsuits, or additional investment in corporate communications is needed to safeguard a company’s reputation and brand.


  • Conduct ex-ante and ex-post qualitative/quantitative marketing analyses designed to measure the impact of certain corporate actions on a brand’s image
  • Estimate the loss in sales and market share from corporate lawsuits by:
    • Measuring the degree of resemblance, and therefore the risk of confusion, between two products, arising during a purchasing decision
    • Market share analysis and forecasts, etc.
  • Price reductions agreed on by the victim
  • Additional advertising costs aimed at repairing the damage caused by a specific event
  • Write-off of capitalized R&D investments and communication campaigns due to legal actions

Our Work

  • Upon request, write a report estimating the potential damage demanded by the victim directly resulting from the damage caused to a brand’s image. The estimate is based on a financial and marketing analysis measuring the impact of legal actions affecting the company, and argued for by the client’s counsel
  • Prepare responses to opposing counsel arguments
  • Assist the client during judicial proceedings: court procedures, financial expertise, etc.

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