A management error consists in

  • Positive action: unaccountability of actions, irregularities in accounting practices, or certain actions that aren’t considered mistakes in and of themselves, but may lead to adverse consequences for the company, etc.
  • A failure to comply: failure to implement appropriate management tools, failure to adapt management methods to new realities, etc.

Our role is to identify if a management error exists or not.


  • Assessment of accounting irregularities: imbalances between the underlying economic reality and the reported situation in a company’s accounts. In that case, our intervention consists in evaluating a company’s economic reality and verifying its accurate reflection in a company’s accounts
  • Identify the key events that, though not unlawful according any legal, regulatory or statutory text, led to severe adverse consequences for the company. Our intervention consists in assessing the company’s economic and financial situation absent these events, within the prevailing economic and competitive environment at that period

Our Work

  • Write an expert report used as a support to the legal arguments presented by the client’s counsel
  • Assist the client during judicial proceedings: court procedures, financial expertise, etc.

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