We assist companies in their financial engineering operations, most notably in relation to restructuring operations (privately held or publicly listed), and in building an investment or financing case.

Our assignments most often involve:

  • Building a financing case in the context of a transfer of shares, a restructuring, or a Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO) operation, etc.
  • Assisting clients in their preparations for a public offering (valuation prior to an Initial Public Offering or a privatisation)
  • Issuing fairness opinions and independent expert reports on regulated financial operations
  • Designing stock-option plans.


The method we implement is specifically designed to meet the requirements of each case. Its adoption will be subject to ongoing communication with management and other stakeholders, in order to ensure its relevance and our full comprehension of the matter.

Our Work

Upon completion of our mission, we will submit a thoroughly documented report detailing the method in our appraisal, and our subsequent recommendations.

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