The Business Insolvency Act dated July 26, 2007 for safeguarding businesses was aimed at encouraging creditors to duly support distressed companies by reducing their accountability to 3 cases: fraud, interfering in the management of the debtor, requesting disproportionately excessive collateral.


Our scope of intervention consists in analyzing the economic and financial reality in these situations.

  • Diagnosis destined to a creditor prior to its financing of a distressed company
  • Assist creditors in case of litigation
  • Furnish an analysis of responsibilities
  • Analyze the cause of default

Our analyses are based on facts (minutes of the meeting, audited financial reports, etc.), such that the report we write is rigorously documented. Also, we attach significant importance to the economic and financial analysis of the prevailing environment during which the contentious relationship evolved.

Our Work

  • Write a report, on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant, analyzing the situation of the company benefitting from the contentious financing
  • Prepare response to opposing counsel arguments
  • Assist the client during judicial proceedings: court procedures, financial expertise, etc.