An irremediably compromised situation remains, however, a jurisprudential concept. It must, therefore, be judged on the basis of a large body of evidence.


Our scope of intervention is based on the analysis of the underlying reality of the situations:

  • Diagnose the financial sustainability of the company before initiating insolvency proceedings
  • Assist creditor representatives, administrators, or liquidators
  • Furnish an analysis of responsibilities
  • Analyze the causes of default

Our approach for determining an irremediably compromised situation takes into account the following elements:

  • An accounting dimension when analyzing a company’s financial statements
  • A financial dimension when analyzing the cyclicality of cash inflows and outflows
  • An economic dimension when analyzing the adaptability of a company’s offer to market demand, and the structural change in the competitive environment

Our Work

  • Upon request, write a report describing a company’s current situation and its potentially irremediably compromised situation
  • Prepare response to opposing counsel arguments
  • Assist the client during judicial proceedings: court procedures, financial expertise, etc.

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