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Mergers, acquisitions and LBO

Litigation Related to Share Purchase Agreements (SPA)

Share Purchase Agreements (SPA), similar to a company’s articles of association, include several financial clauses that may give rise to…

Litigation and arbitration


Arbitration is an alternative form of dispute resolution that takes place outside of courts. During an arbitration proceeding, the parties…

Bank, Insurance and Financial Services

Derivatives/Structured Products Disputes

Litigation related to derivative or structured products generally involve their marketing by financial institutions. These products most notably include complex…

Bank, Insurance and Financial Services

Securities Litigation

A Securities law ensures the proper functioning of financial markets by deterring potential violations through sanctions levied against market participants…

Antitrust issues

Abuse of Dominant Position

A company is forbidden from exploiting its dominant position when such conduct restricts or impedes competition in the market. This…

Antitrust issues


Collusion between two or more firms that seeks to prevent, to limit or to distort market competition is considered illegal.

Commercial disputes

Abrupt Termination of Established Commercial Relationships

Any termination of an established commercial relationship between two companies without prior notice, defined as abrupt, is considered wrongful.

Commercial disputes

Breach of Contract and/or Defective Products

Any wrongful breach of contract, especially the delivery of defective products, must lead to the reparation of the damage caused,…

Commercial disputes

Unfair Competition/Free-riding

Unfair competition is defined as the “set of unlawful competitive processes or those contrary to customary business practices that result…

Commercial disputes

Damage to Brand Image

A damage to a brand’s image can result from the sale of counterfeit products, unfair competition, unlawful imitation, or exploiting…

Public and Regulatory Disputes

Appeal Against/In Defense of a Decision Made by a Public or Regulatory Body

Companies or individuals may decide to challenge the decision made by the public administration or regulatory body. By filing for…

Public and Regulatory Disputes

Environmental Disputes

Companies or municipalities can either be accused of breaching environmental rules or be targets of execution orders by the Public…

Distressed Companies

Undue Support

Undue support describes the financial support provided by a creditor, namely a bank, to a company in an irremediably compromised…

Distressed Companies

Irremediably Compromised Situation

An irremediably compromised situation occurs when the company is unable (irreversibly) to pursue its operating activity.

Distressed Companies


Company managers or officers may be pursued in Justice for violating regulatory or legislative provisions caused by management errors.

Distressed Companies

Date of Default on Payments

A company’s default on payments is a sufficient cause that justifies the initiation of insolvency proceedings that results in either…

Tax Issues

Transfer Pricing

Transfer prices are those prices “for which services, or tangible and intangible assets are sold between related legal entities within…

Tax Issues

Company or Operating Activity Sales Price

The Fiscal Administration closely monitors the sales of securities, particularly when that transaction involves subsidiaries of the same group, but…

Mergers, acquisitions and LBO

Deceit / Deliberate Misrepresentation during an Acquisition

Deceit/deliberate misrepresentation during an acquisition occurs when a contracting party willfully omits material information designed to lead a counterparty into…

Mergers, acquisitions and LBO, Tax Issues

Litigation Related to Management/Compensation Packages

Litigation related to management packages involves either: The company issuing the stock options/the fund and the manager; or Managers and…

Intellectual Property

Copyright Infringement

A copyright entitles its author to the exclusive right of exploiting their creation. This right also protects the author against…

Intellectual Property

Counterfeiting of Brands, Patents, Products or Software

Counterfeiting is the act of replicating or imitating an invention without owning the copyright, and pretending that is the original…

Intellectual Property

Misappropriation of Know-how

Misappropriation of know-how arises when a company exploits the partial or entire know-how of a competitor for its own benefit.