Corporate tax issues: morning session at A3F on the “Valuation of transactions and market value”

Claire Karsenti, partner at SORGEM Evaluation, was a key speaker at A3F (French Association for female tax specialists) morning session organized on October 8, 2020 on asset valuation.

This morning session, hosted by Sandra Hazan, lawyer and partner at Dentons, and Christel Alberti, lawyer and partner at Viguié Schmidt, included other speakers, notably Julia Jimenez, judge – rapporteur public at Paris Administrative Court of Appeal, Rachid Dkhaili, Financial Consultant at DVNI and Gianluca Calisti, lawyer and partner at Dentons.

This morning session was an opportunity for a fresh perspective on recent decisions on this matter and for discussing issues such as:

  • the concept of substantial gap between two values,
  • commonly-used valuation methodologies (DCF and comparable companies),
  • the implementation of premiums and discounts,
  • and the use of expert appraisals.