Non-listed company valuation in the context of employee share ownership plans

SORGEM Evaluation accompanies many clients in the valuation of non listed companies in relation to their employee share ownership plans (FCPE).

Based on the recommandation DOC-2012-10 from the French Market Authority (AMF) applicable from 8 August 2012 in relation to UCITS (OPCVM) invested in company shares non eligible to negociations on a regulated market, the valuation of such company shares are subject to the opinion of an independent expert. The valuation method must be determined at least every five years by an independent expert, who should define a new methodology should he notice any significant change in the company’s activity or situation.

In this context, we have performed several engagements for companies operating in various industries:

  • Ceva (animal health);
  • Technip (project management, engineering and construction);
  • StellaGroup (closure securities and solar protection solutions);
  • Sonepar (distribution of electric material);
  • Thom group (jewelry / watch);
  • Cap Ingelec (engineering);
  • Diot Siaci (insurance brokerage).