SORGEM Evaluation assisted Digicel for the valuation of damages suffered following anti-competitive practices before the Paris Court of Appeal (judgement dated 17 June 2020). Digicel recovered over € 250 million, interests included.

Following a decision from the French antitrust authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) in 2009 (n°09-D-36) and a judgement from the Paris Commercial Court dated 18 December 2017, Digicel was allocated €181.5 million by the Paris Court of Appeal , to which compensatory and legal interests must be added and amount to approximately € 68 million (judgement dated 17 June 2020).

SORGEM Evaluation assisted Digicel in its follow-on action to value the damages suffered based on damage valuation methodologies prescribed by the European Commission in its quantification guide dated 2013.

SORGEM Evaluation also assisted Digicel in estimating the corresponding compensatory and legal interests.