Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)

Sorgem Evaluation regularly acts as a financial expert for the head of finance / accounting departments, in order to perform purchase price allocations (PPAs).

Accounting principles applicable in relation to purchase price allocations are IFRS 3 – Business combinations, IAS 38 – Intangible assets and IAS 36 – Impairment of assets. Our work aims at analyzing the intangible assets that might be recognized, and then value these assets and rationalize the potential residual goodwill.

We accompany our clients in the potential discussions with their auditors, for the certification of their annual accounts.

In 2022, Sorgem Evaluation has performed the purchase price allocation:

  • of Folio Fine Wine Partners, following the majority stake bought by the investment company EPI;
  • of Bureau Betak, following its acquisition by The Independents;
  • of Lefty, following its acquisition by The Independents.